Strengthen your Dish Mastery skills and be a pro!

April 4

Higher the Dish Strength, Higher the Points!

The secret ingredient for yummy delicacies is always love and when you master your cooking skills like a pro, that’s when you know you loved and cherished it all this while like Dish Mastery in the game. Mastering Dish helps you earn more Coins that are key to expand and grow your Restaurant as you level up. Let’s know more about it, shall we?

Star Chef 2 - Dish Mastery

  • Dish Mastery is all about collecting Dish Cards from the Chef Boxes in Chef Masters. Play Chef Masters and open the Chef Boxes to collect the cards to upgrade the Dish.
  • Love me some coins! We mean, who doesn’t love the extra coins, right? Upgrade your Dishes to earn extra coin bonus per table order. 
  • Upgrading your Dish also increases your Max Dish strength. It’s always better to earn the sweet and delicacies Mastery Points in Chef Masters to win against your opponent. 
  • Every Dish will have 20 levels of upgrade. All the Dish Card have rarity, categorized among Common, Rare, and Exquisite based on the cook time. 
  • Want to identify the rarity of the Dishes? Check out the background color of the Dish Cards in Dish Mastery. Green represents common, Yellow represents rare, Blue represents very rare, purple represents exquisite. 
  • Always aim to upgrade the very rare and exquisite Dishes to earn those sweet extra coins per table order. 
  • You love Chef Masters like we do? Well then, try upgrading Dishes which are commonly requested in the game play to get extra Mastery Points. 
  • Unable to collect the Chef Boxes? Collect medals by playing Chef Masters to open the Medal Chef Box.

Higher the Dish strength, the higher will be the points in your Chef Masters game, that’s the bonus you get while mastering your Dishes.