The Art of Designing Your Terrain

June 17

Become Everyone’s Favourite Restaurant Interior Designer

Some restaurants become our favourite because of their ambience and interior design details. In short, the way you design the interiors of your restaurant and arrange all the decors is critical in determining the overall appearance and feel. Being the manager of a restaurant in the game, you are responsible for the appearance of your restaurant. 

Decorate your restaurant and bring up a positive atmosphere in the air and attract your customers as well as your neighbour’s eyes. Believe us, the better the restaurant design, the better the rewards. Yes, there are rewards associated with it. We’ll tell you how to grab ‘em.

Star Chef 2 - How to decor?

Choose from a wide range of themes and varieties, be it a modern-themed decoration or a tropical Hawaiian, we are sure you are gonna choose the right one for your restaurant based on your understanding. All you have to do is select your choice of a theme from the 4 different themes that we offer and show off your designing skills. 

What are the 4 varieties of themes to choose from?

  1. Modern: Give your restaurant a modern touch to attract customers who love the monochromatic colour palettes, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials and sleek design. 
  2. Retro: This style has a sweet spot in our hearts, we ain’t gonna lie. In real life too, many of the diners love to dine in sweet old retro-themed restaurants and cafes. Picassos, any era can be tapped into here, be it 50s, 60s or even 70s. 
  3. Asian: Believe it or not, most of us cannot take our eyes off the colourful and blooming design of an Asian-styled restaurant. Choose from a wide range of colourful and cute decors, be it Buddha Fountain or Chinese Lantern, everything’s available in the shop. 
  4. Tropical Hawaiian: Decorate your restaurant with the Tropical Hawaiian theme to match up this summer. From floral and flamingo wallpapers to Totem Pole, everything reminds you of a sweet day on the Pacific Islands. 

What are the advantages of decorating your restaurant?

Decorating your restaurants has an added advantage to it. Earn Décor Points whenever you place décor in your restaurant and progress through your gameplay with ease. Décor Points are very crucial for you to progress through the game. Small steps make a huge difference is what we believe in. Progress through the process by placing decors strategically and you would be one of the top players to have a well-decorated restaurant in the town. 

Oh wait, do not forget about the Prestige Points which are prestigious in the game. Place decors to earn these Points and rise to the top of the Leaderboard by earning the highest amount of Prestige Points. Collect them to also level up your Prestige Level and unlock exclusive and unique decors. How amazing is that! The top restaurants of the town are here competing with each other, don’t let your spot down. 😉 Abby Grace Gonzales from the team ‘40s Hot Flash’ is at the top Leaderboard, can you beat her?

Creative minds do need a break, don’t they? Well, do not worry when you are out of ideas and need some inspiration to whip up some out-of-the-box designs for your restaurant. Visit your neighbours’ restaurants to check out their design skills and grab some ideas on your way back home. You can also visit players in the Prestige Point Leaderboard to get amazing and unique design ideas. These are the top liked restaurants of Star Chef 2, you don’t wanna ignore that. 😉

Also, do check out our Facebook Channel for the ‘Restaurant of the Month’ contest for unique designs. Do check out our Pinterest Boards where we keep sharing ‘Restaurant Inspirations’ regularly.

Where to get Decors?

You can collect Exclusive Decors from the events like Kekoa’s Adventures and Food Cart Event. Keep participating in the event to collect the Decors and add that uniqueness to your restaurant. Decors that are exclusive catch your sneaky neighbours’ eye real quick. That’s some way of making your friends or frenemies jealous, just saying! 😉

Now that you know all the deets on decorating your restaurant, you should know how to flaunt it like a pro! Once you are done decorating, log in to Facebook and publish your restaurant picture on our Official Star Chef 2 Family Facebook Group.

Want to be ‘Restaurant of the Month’ and grab those amazing rewards? Here’s your cue: participate in this monthly once social media contest alongside your neighbours and get awarded the title of ‘Restaurant of the Month’. This one’s a prestigious award and only restaurants with unique and creative designs that grab our attention are gonna take home the title and the rewards. 

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