This one’s for you, Newbies!

May 20

Learn tips and tricks to whip up your chef skills

You are now the owner of a fine-dining restaurant, and you want to master the skills and cater to your customers to make them happy. But too many features overwhelming you? Or shortage of coins slashing your dreams of a fine-dine place? Not sure where to find like-minded friends who can give your cooking adventure a boost? 

We read your mind, didn’t we? Here is a quick start guide on how to begin with the game and ace it like a pro! 

How to Get Ingredients?

Supermarket in Star Chef 2

The Supermarket is your one-stop destination to buy most of the ingredients required to complete cooking delicacies in your kitchen. It is a magic door – you can visit it anytime and purchase ingredients in exchange for Goodies. How to locate it might be your next question, so here is the answer – it's right next to your restaurant.

If you need fresh veggies and fruits, the Backyard is your answer. If you exhaust your veggies in the restaurant, do not worry. You can always grow them by tapping on the buy button or buy them in the ‘Food Truck’ that keeps coming near the Supermarket.

Shortage of Coins? Use your Trading Skills!

While Supermarket is your one-stop shop to buy recipe ingredients, Chef Store is your Etsy to exchange ingredients for coins with fellow players. Fundamentally, one can hop into their Chef Store, and add ingredients you don’t need at the moment for a reasonable number of coins. Oh wait, you can advertise it too, to increase its visibility and in turn its saleability. Once you nail the selling strategy, unlock the Chef Store slots by referring friends or adding Facebook friends to unlock a slot.

We just wanna tell you that some good salesman skills, a little bit of business mind, and advertising skills will take you a long way in cashing in and making the most out of it. 

Earn More Coins (Hush…this one’s a secret!)

We know that it’s not easy to earn coins. Those are the most important currencies which will help us progress through the game and buy new Appliances, Plots, Decors, Tables, Dish Mastery, and honestly everything! Here’s the secret we are gonna pass now:

  • Complete Daily Tasks, Quests, and Chapters in Chef Journal. Easy peasy right! 
  • BIG ONE: Start selling extra Dishes, Crops, and Exotic Items in the Chef Store. 
  • We know that the Tournaments are important. It also should be noted that participating and winning Team Chests becomes important.
  • Try your luck on the Spin Wheel! 
  • You can watch Video Ads on the TV next to the Supermarket. 
  • Oh yes, you launch the game on a daily basis and catch hold of the Daily Login Bonus. 

Exchange Gifts and Helps from your Friends!

Friends are the apple to our pie and the star to our chef. Let’s help you create special bonds of friendship in Star Chef 2. There are two ways to add friends:

  • If you’re wondering why do you need Friends in the first place – you can get multiple helps in the game gifts across features which will take your gameplay experience up a whole notch. Long cooking hours? Cook instantly with friends’ help. Also, what’s anything in life without friends to share it with
  • All you have to do is log in to Facebook in your Chef Circle panel! Your FB friends who play Star Chef 2 will automatically become a part of your Chef Circle. 
  • Star Chef 2 has its own social network within the game. To make new friends – visit fellow chefs through Food Trucks, Chef Store, Leaderboards etc. and send them a ‘Friend Request’. You can ‘Like and Follow’ their restaurant as well to show your support. 
  • You can find active players in our official Facebook group – Star Chef 2 Family. Add them on FB and as we mentioned, they’ll appear in your Chef Circle. 
  • Join a well-performing Chef Team and you can add your teammates as your friends. 
  • Extrovert, introvert, or a mix of both – there’s a friend for everyone in Star Chef 2. 
  • You can also send daily gifts to your friends and get them back in return… because what goes around comes around. 

Also, note that while the number of Facebook friends in the game is unlimited, there is a limit of 150 In-Game Friends. So, always keep an eye on your friends’ list and remove the ones who are not active. Click here to know more.

Find the right Chef Team match

Chef Team enables you to connect with fellow players and join forces with the ones that are best suited for your playing preferences. You can compete with other teams in Team Tournaments, help each other out with ingredients and goodies, chat and build strategies around gameplay – all in all, help one another throughout the entirely of the game and if you’re lucky, make a bunch of real friends, nurture an authentic relationship and create valuable memories. Few things to be noted to get that perfect team for you:

  • If you are competitive, your best bet is to find the perfect teams in ‘Top Teams’.
  • You want to join a team from your locality or ones who speak the same dialect? Then you can choose the ‘Local’ Chef Teams and skim through Chef Teams in and around you. If you want to reach out to players globally, choose the ‘World’ list of Chef Teams. 
  • Once you are in, you can chat with your Team Members and exchange ideas and even recipes, ingredients, and goodies. Trust us, it’s a whole package!
  • If you still want to choose teams who are vocal and want to pitch in their invite directly, join the Star Chef 2 Facebook community and meet like-minded fellow players to join forces with. 

Follow the Game Instructions

When you install the game, the game becomes your best friend. How you ask? It helps you to get started with easy-to-understand tutorials on how to ace your cooking and catering skills in the game. Now you know what not to skip if you wanna master the game! 

Join our Official Facebook Group – Star Chef 2 Family

Want to find out like-minded Chefs to collaborate and share ideas on how to play the game like a pro? Well, here’s your answer, join our official Facebook Group – Star Chef 2 Family and make new friends while your questions are being answered. 

What are you waiting for, Newbies? Let’s get your game on. Pro-gamers, if you got any tips under your sleeves, tell us in the comments below.