Lava Flow

Cuisine: Hawaiian

Cook Time: 15 Minutes

Serves: 2

Whether it is a night out with friends or quality time with family, having a good cocktail is a must. This quick Lava Flow recipe will guide you to prepare a colourful frozen cocktail that emulates a volcano. Boozy, refreshing, and calm, this tropical drink poured in two distinct layers of colour and flavour offers a beautiful and festive look. Treat yourself to this majestically appealing drink while you vibe and chill with your loved ones.  

  • 2-ounce rum
  • 2-ounce Malibu coconut rum
  • 4-ounces strawberries
  • Two bananas (small)
  • 4-ounces coconut cream
  • 4-ounces pineapple juice (unsweetened)
  • 2 cups ice
  • Paper umbrella or pineapple slice for garnishing

Master how to make Lava flow: a guide to an exotically cool Hawaiian drink.

  1. Blend the rums and strawberries to form an even paste.
  2. Fill a Highball glass or a tall Collins glass with the above mixture.
  3. Wash the blender.
  4. Blend coconut cream, banana, pineapple juice, and ice until plain.
  5. Slowly pour the mixture over the red mixture in the glass.
  6. Look with awe as the strawberry mixture moves up to the top along the glass’s sides, creating a lava impression.
  7. Decorate with a paper umbrella or pineapple slice or any fruit of your choice.

Chef Tip: You can use 3-ounce light rum if Malibu coconut rum is unavailable. To make colourful lava, replace strawberries with 6-ounces blueberries to make purple lava. Use carrots to make orange lava and frozen mangoes for yellow lava. 

 In real life, one may run on seeing lava. But, this easy, flexible, and quick lava flow recipe will make you take a replenishing dive into the creamy drink. Let us know about your tropical indulgence in the comment’s section below! 

Quick Bites

Fun Fact

• The cocktail derives its name from the finished looks of the drink, which looks similar to molten lava. 


Historical Fact

• There are no many confirmed reports on the origin of the Lava flow drink or how it came into existence. Though a Hawaiian cocktail, it had gained popularity throughout the world.

Nutrition Fact

• A normal Hurricane glass of Lava Flow consists of nearly 376 calories, with 10.3 grams of fat per ounce.