Love Potion

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Cook Time:


Quick Bites

Fun Fact
  1. The ingredient of Love Potion – strawberries is a type of rose! Now you know, why roses and strawberries are connected to Valentine’s day. 
  2. Strawberries aren’t true berries, like blueberries or even grapes!  
Historical Fact
  1. In mythology and fiction, Love Potion is considered to be a type of drink designed to create feelings of love. 
  2. The first mention of these drinks appeared in Merriam-Webster’s guide in 1916.  
Nutrition Fact
  1. Added fruits with antioxidants, herbs like mint, and spices like cinnamon to your mocktails all go a long way toward improving your overall health. 
  2. If you add coconut water and sparkling mineral water as your mocktail base, this will help you keep your body hydrated.