Cuisine: Chinese

Cook Time: 7 minutes

Serves: 1

No better way to uplift your mood than with a cup of piping hot tea. After all, there are so many varieties. You can opt for a milk tea or indulge in the various flavored green teas. However, brewing them to perfection can be daunting. Fret not! Whether you are having friends over or want to enjoy a cup yourself—we’ve got the perfect tea recipe for you. What’s more? You just need a handful of ingredients to brew this mouth-watering tea recipe!


  • Tea leaves
  • Water
  • Milk (optional)
  • Sugar (optional)

Treat yourself and your loved ones to this quick and delicious tea recipe.

  • Pour filtered water into a saucepan (If you’re serving two people, pour two cups of water)
  • Let the water come to a boil, then turn the gas off
  • Put in one tablespoon of tea leaves for each cup 
  • Place a lid on the saucepan. Let the mixture brew for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Strain the tea into a cup and enjoy!
  • If needed, add some milk or sugar

Chef Tip: Make sure to not brew your tea leaves for too long. The longer your tea brews, the more bitter it becomes in taste. Additionally, use loose tea leaves instead of tea bags for this tea recipe. Loose tea leaves are of better quality and tastier. Teabags, on the other hand, are made of tea dust and fanning. That is the leftover tea after processing. Therefore, they are not as fresh or flavourful as tea leaves.

Our tea recipe helps you create lip-smacking tea with just a few super-simple steps. Tried it? Tell us what you thought in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this easy tea recipe with your friends and family!

Quick Bites

Fun Fact

• Legend has it that in 2731 B.C., Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree blew in the wind and fell into his pot of boiling water.

• He was fascinated by the welcoming aroma created by the brew and drank some of it. It is believed that the Emperor described that he experienced a soothing feeling as he drank the brew as if the liquid was investigating every part of his body.

Historical Fact

• Tea is believed to be discovered between the 30th century BC and 21st century BC as a medicine in ancient China where people chewed on green tea leaves for the soothing and refreshing feeling that was induced by it.

• Somewhere between 722 BC and 221 BC, a concoction was prepared using tea leaves and adding other ingredients like ginger, tangerine peel, etc, and was eaten with rice. It was not until 220 AD that tea evolved as a beverage in China.

Nutrition Fact

• One cup of plain tea without any add-ons has 2 calories, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 43mg of potassium, 10mg of sodium, 0.4g of carbohydrates.

• Tea is packed with antioxidants that aid in the repair and regeneration of cells and also slow down the aging process.