Hearty Honey Panini

Cuisine: Italian

Cook Time:


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Fun Fact
  1. Apparently, this sandwich idea was a pop culture phenomenon. During the 1980s, the term ‘Paninaro’ referred to a teenagers’ culture where they would eat and meet at sandwich bars. 
  2. It was rumored that King Tut used to heat up stones and press his stegosaurus sandwiches so that they could fit right in the mouth.  
Historical Fact
  1. The panini first appeared in a 16th-century Italian cookbook, and later it became super popular in the 1980s in the USA in Milanese bars. 
  2. The term ‘Panini’ is derived from the singular 'Panino' and translates to ‘small bread, bread rolls’ in Italian.  
Nutrition Fact
  1. Your Paninis are filled with 750 calories, 74g carbs, 34g fat, and 38g protein. 
  2. Honey contains antioxidants, which can protect the body from inflammation.